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cookery classes

For Feb and March only I am running thali masterclasses. 

I carry out the classes at the clients home, who chooses either to learn 4 dishes or 8 dishes. You get to cook with your friends and have an incredible feast at the end of it. More details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Pip - feedback form   Feb 1st 2020

"we had such an awesome day cooking with Brad, honestly felt bad for those not spending there day in the same way! So keen to apply our newly learned cookery skills"

the details

you can choose to have either a 4 dish thali masterclass or an 8 dish class.

It will be so delicious hopefully it will be something that won't leave your memory bank for a lonnnng time. 

i carry out the classes at your home.

you can either learn 4 dishes over 2 and half hours and have a feast at the end of it.

or you can have a full days lesson learning an epic 8 dishes stopping for a delicious lunch  half way, and then cooking enough in the afternoon to have your friends over in the eve :)


individual: 4 dishes £80 or 8 dishes £120

2 people: 4 dishes £50pp or 8 dishes £70pp

3 people: 4 dishes £35pp or 8 dishes £50pp

4 people: 4 dishes £27.50pp or 8 dishes £40pp

I travel upto 30 mins for free, anything on top of that i do charge for my petrol.

i'd love to hear from you if your interested, but don't hang around, there only available before my festival season kicks off in April.

all the best, brad